Weekend Breakfast with Dave Ferguson

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Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson Photo: Joe Vittorio

Dave Ferguson brings you all the songs you know and love every weekend from 6am to midday.

Dave has been working in radio from a young age. Having attended school in Frankston, Dave first worked as a DJ at a local roller skating rink. His first broadcast as a commercial radio announcer was at age 17.

Dave has worked in metropolitan stations in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. He also spent a large part of his career in Bendigo, achieving one of his then personal goals, joining the legendary 3XY on his 21st birthday!

"One of the things about my job that I love the most is the opportunity to share everyday, the joy that artists that have shaped our lives - such as Elvis, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Abba and Elton John - have brought us".

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