Welcome to my class

Dear Eden,

Welcome to my second grade class!
I am so glad that you are here!
I have made you a bag of goodies,
to help describe our year.
The "Eraser" is to let you know,
it is ok to make mistakes.
We will correct them and learn from them,
no matter what it takes!
The "Smarties" say I know you are smart,
and really special too.
The "Lifesaver" is to remind you,
that I am here for you.
The "Pencil" represents the learning,
that together we will do.
Second grade can be pretty tough,
but it is a tonne of fun too!
The "Funny Joke" says we will laugh a lot,
while travelling through Grade 2.
The "Cross" is to remind you,
just how much God loves you.
And finally, the "Red Heart" is just to let you know,
how valuable you are to all in 2Blue!

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